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Existing Respirator Materials Prove Effective For Certain Nanoparticles

At this morning’s session of the International Conference on Nanotechnology Occupational & Environmental Health & Safety in Cincinnati, Ohio, Daniel Japuntich, Division Scientist at 3M, presented "Filtration and Respirators: Current Knowledge."  Japuntich shared 3M’s research findings indicating HEPA respirator materials are effective in filtering nanoparticles down to three (3) nanometers in size. … Continue Reading

NIOSH to Test Certified Respirators

The National Institute of Occupational Health and Saftety’s (NIOSH)National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL) at NIOSH recently announced it intent to test currently certified repirators to determine whether they protect wearers against nanoparticle inhalation.  The NIOSH testing follows up on a University of Minnesota study pointing to the effecacy electrostatically charged filters in screening out nano-sized particles.  … Continue Reading