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Nanoscale Carbon: In Vivo Tox Bibliography

The NanoSafety Consortium for Carbon has recently posted a bibliography of in vivo tox studies on its website.  The bibliography is (obviously) a work in progress.  We would greatly appreciate it if our readers would bring to our attention any pertinent articles that are not already on the bibliography.  The articles will be used to inform … Continue Reading

New Nanotoxicity Research Effort

SafeNano is reporting that a new effort for global research for nanotoxicology issues was announced earlier this week at NanoTox 2008.  This new, international research alliance is tasked with the "creation of protocols for a limited number of toxicology tests on a small number of representative nanoparticles to enable a ‘round robin’ study in which … Continue Reading

Inhalation Toxicology Publishes New Nanoparticle Study

A recent paper published in Inhalation Toxicology suggests that reliance on ultrafine particle inhalation animal studies for nanoparticle health and safety purposes may be appropriate due to the lack of existing studies on nanoengineered particles.  The article referenced several existing health and safety studies concerning nanoparticles, and noted their sometimes differing and conflicting conclusions.  Specifically, the … Continue Reading