Just a reminder to those interested in commenting on US EPA’s draft documents concerning the Nanoscale Materials Stewardship Program (NMSP): comments are due to the Agency on or before September 10, 2007

US EPA is seeking comments on three draft publications: the "Concept Paper for the Nanoscale Materials Stewardship Program under TSCA, " the "TSCA Inventory Status of Nanoscale Substances – General Approach," and the Information Collection Request (ICR) in Support of EPA’s Stewardship Program for Nanoscale Materials.

The full text of all three can be found here.

Specifically, EPA is seeking comments on the following:

  1. Whether the data elements that have been identified in the NMSP are appropriate for nanoscale materials;
  1. Timing and phasing of submissions under the NMSP basic and in-depth programs and whether approaches for tiering data submissions are appropriate;
  1. Who would participate in the NMSP and how to encourage participation, especially from small and medium sized enterprises;
  1. What criteria to use for NMSP program evaluation and views on the timing and nature of any reports the Agency may issue; 
  1. How to engage industry and other stakeholders in the NMSP in-depth program and approaches for generating test data;
  1. The processes and roles for EPA, participants, and other stakeholders during development and evaluation of data for the in-depth program;
  1. Possible approaches for identification and use of alternative sources of data, in order to minimize the burden of information collection associated with the NMSP;
  1. Uses for the data submitted to EPA under the NMSP program; 
  1. Issues relevant to scope, definitions and descriptions;
  1. The suitability of the approach for determining the TSCA Inventory status of nanoscale materials discussed in the Inventory paper; and,
  1. Whether, in combination, the TSCA Inventory paper and the NMSP concept paper are sufficiently clear in how EPA plans at this time to address nanoscale materials that are new or existing chemicals under TSCA and the NMSP.