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Danish EPA Releases Report on Environmental & Health Risks for Selected Nanoparticles

Denmark’s Environmental Protection Agency (DEPA)  recently released "Survey on basic knowledge about exposure and potential environmental and health risks for selected nanoparticles". The survey was written by Sonja Hagen Mikkelsen, Erik Hansen and Trine Boe Christensen of COWI A/S, Anders Baun and Steffen Foss Hansen of DTU Environment and Mona-Lise Binderup of DTU Food, all working under contract with … Continue Reading

The Economist on Nano Safety

The November 22, 2007 issue of The Economist contains a story on nanotechnology safety entitled "A little risky business."   The article focuses on Andrew Maynard’s presentation before the House Science Commitee in October, an event we covered here, and also covers the ongoing debate over the use of silver nanoparticles as an antimicrobial agent in consumer … Continue Reading

Geckos use nanotechnology?

A gecko’s amazing ability to cling to walls and ceilings is an ability that scientists have studied for decades.  Recent research suggests that the gecko’s abilities owe to 200 nm adhesive hairs on the gecko’s feet.  While the traditional definition of nanotechnology requires that the material be smaller than 100 nm, we are willing to … Continue Reading