"Nanotechnology Law" by John Monica was just published this week by West/Thomson/Reuters, the world’s leading legal publisher. The book is the first comprehensive legal text on nanotechnology and weighs in at a healthy 900 pages. The table of contents is here. The book is divided into ten informative chapters:

  • Nanotechnology Introduction
  • National Nanotechnology Initiative and Federal Development Efforts
  • Potential Nano-Related Environmental, Health, and Safety Concerns
  • Nanotechnology Environmental Regulatory Issues
  • Nano-Related Food and Drug Regulatory Issues
  • Nanoscale Materials in the Workplace
  • Nano-Consumer Products and Insurance Issues
  • Municipal, Regional, and State Development and Regulation of Nanotechnology
  • Nanotechnology Standards and Nomenclature
  • Nano-Intellectual Property Landscape

More information can be found here.