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First-to-File Patent System Arrives March 16, 2013

With significant changes to law governing how the U.S. grants patents taking effect next month, Porter Wright recommends that all clients consider filing any contemplated patent applications by March 15. This includes filing non-provisional patent applications, and in some cases Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent applications, that are based upon any provisional or non-U.S. patent … Continue Reading

Quantum Dot Patent Infringement Lawsuit Resolved

Readers may be interested in the recent resolution of a quantum dot patent infringement lawsuit between Nanosys and Nanoco/Sigma-Aldrich.  In April 2009, Nanosys sued Nanoco and Sigma-Aldrich in Wisconsin federal court for allegedly infringing three quantum dot patents owned by MIT which were exclusively licensed to Nanosys.  Nanoco purportedly marketed and sold competing luminous quantum dot nanocrystals under … Continue Reading

Obvious Inventions: Teleflex and its Impacts

By Laurie N. Jacques: The Supreme Court’s decision in KSR v. Teleflex makes it easier to show that an invention is obvious. This case is likely to result in changes in the nanotechnology field and elsewhere, including: ?For patent applicants, fewer – but perhaps more valuable – allowed patents. ?For patent owners, a greater risk to … Continue Reading

Nano Patents: 21st Century “Sooners”?

By Laurie N. Jacques: A recent Nanowerk Spotlight likens the rush to secure nanotechnology patents to the Oklahoma land rush of 1889, in which “sooners” entered the territory before the legal time of entry to claim the choice homesteads. The “sooners’ in the nanotechnology patent rush are said to be those who, while not intentionally violating … Continue Reading